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Only 4 Steps You Can Easily Finish

iPhone X Battery Replacement

IMILITIS iPhone X Battery can bring new life to your old iPhone X and it only needs 4 steps with a lot of DIY funs. But before you starting, please check the model number correctly on the iPhone Back Cover. Because each iPhone has a special battery model, it can not be used for another one. 

Notice Before Starting


General tips before you get started with your battery replacement. 

We highly recommend reading this whole guide before starting the battery replacement. This guide will give you a general idea of how to open the iPhone and remove the old battery in a good way, but it will still be a challenge for a new starter.  So please be careful about the LCD cable, test the new battery first, and don't break the battery body. We hope you will find good success on this progress with fun.

Any problems when you have in this replacement progress, please contact us via:

Email: [email protected]
Facebook Livechat: right bottom conner button on the page

How to Install the SLEX Driver

Only 4 Steps

Step 1: Open the iPhone LCD

Step 2: Test the NEW IMILITIS Battery

Step 3: Replace the Old Battery By New One

Step 4: Combine the iPhone Back

Each Step need to be patient and carefully, recommend you watch the following video and read the guide over 3 times

Step 3-Replace the Old Battery By New One

This step is very important and hard to progress, please take care of it and don't push the battery or it will catch fire or explored 

iPhone SE Battery Replacement

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